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It is also of no exception in the world of blockchain.

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Challenges of Data Community Research

We believe that distributed ledgers, blockchain technology, and digital tokens will revolutionize how value is created, captured, and distributed across multiple asset classes through greater efficiency, lower costs, and increased liquidity but with those challenges:

DeFi Data Inaccessible

With the right data, it will make a difference for data-driven investors between a decisive blow to the market or trailing behind your competitors.

Intellectual Collaboration Unbonded

Each valuable idea counts. Collaboration can always inspire each other, and generate new trading strategies with an enduring spark of wisdom.

Analysis Generation Undisclosed

An interactive research environment with flexible data access empowers actionable and undenieable insights on crypto assets in hand by seconds.

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We are a passionate team that specializes in providing massive historical and live data for digital assets & an interactive research platform & an open community.

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Systematic Research Platform

Integrate massive data, multi-asset strategy research, high-performance backtesting and simulation transaction, risk model, efficient portfolio optimizer and attribution analysis in one system.

Massive Historical Data

Provide years of onchain data of digital assets, tick data from exchanges, white papers of global projects, media information across channels, relevant factors, macro-industry characteristics and big data.

Visible Research Intelligence

Disclose, share and discuss preemptive models, indices and indicators to further explore plausible trade opportunities in the cryptocurrency market environment with the most intelligent peers.

Real-time Data Delivery

Access live cryptocurrency market data with low-latency responses and awareness of each executed transaction on an exchange, along with OHLVC and VWAP ranging from 1 minute to 1 day.

Robust Backtesting Framework

Support multi-strategy backtest in spot and future digital asset markets and ensure prompt implementation of multi-factor strategy, event-driven, and etc with rich derivative tools.

Risk-Free Mock Trading

Provide a high-performance simulation trading engine, and visualisation to support flexible monitoring, analysis and management and to verify the feasibility of trading strategies.


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